Hong kong cafe food at chinatown

This is the restaurant i went to with my sister last week. It looks pretty decent to us and we were hungry and want to try something new.

We went in and ordered a few items , include chicken chop pasta ($8.90) , chicken chop baked rice ($8.90) and sausage baked rice ($8.90) and a gyoza ($6.90)

Below is the pictures i had taken before i start eating.

After i tried their food, i realised there is a metalic taste to the tomato im not sure if its to them cooking the baked rice in a aluminium container, my boyfriend however complains that his baked rice has a bitter taste to it….. While my sister struggles to finish her pasta. As for the “gyoza” it has a frozen taste and its 5 pieces for $6.90 (Gst not included)

Overall, i would guve this place a 30 point out of 100. The service is not bad, the staff is friendly and even offered to bring out food to our table but the food served is so pathatically gross…. so there is no way im going back again…. and did i even mention the sausages teste weird too…. =_= 1st and last time…. am never gonna go back again…

This is the name of the restaurant.


pork chop baked rice
pork chop baked rice



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