Friday the 13th.

Okie, nothing changes the fact im going to work on this “unlucky day” but im just gonna change my POV and hope instead of being a bad one, its gonna be a good good day :3

Just finished sewing my blue starry jacket. Wonder what will she say to me. Jadey, its so cute…..or jadey, jia you. So many things i wanna share with her, but from the day i let go of her, its destinated that i lose her forever. Sometimes i look back and wonder what will happen if i hang on to this friendship, will it still sink like that? Or will the ending be still so bad. But then again, never in a moment that i had wanted to get back in contact with her. I just wanna ask.?. “what have i lied to you about?”

I saw her latest blog, its about her ex lying to her and falling for a FL, i just wanna say, all fl is after money only. They are not after your bf, husband, fiancee, or even lover. They just wanna do their business, afterthat say goodbye. Any fl would have told you, what you take as a treasure, in just….$$ in their eyes. Any stupid guys who will give up a good girl for a fl, imho, is obviously STUPID. Can’t you see? You deserve some one better then him, if he do such stupid thing to you, means he is brainless. Pls do not let him hurt you.


Things to clarify.

I had  a question on like a while back. Tha asker asked me what do i think about guys whom goes for prostitute and the girlfriend finding out? The asker soon followed by what do i think about if MY boyfriend went to a prostitute.

I want to clarify a few things.

1) Prostitute actually worked for MONEY. They are not there bcox they like or even want your boyfriend/husband/fiancee , they are just out there looking for a quick way to solve their problem. What ever the problem may be.

2) Ask any players around, who will they keep and who will they dump. (In case your girlfriend finds out) any men with an ounce of intelligence will choose their girlfriend to keep. And the prostitute to dump. To be choosing the prostitute to keep……the guy must be plain out of his mind or the girl is really so good??

3) Not all pros are aware of if their customers have a wife or girlfriend : refer to number one please. They just want the money and goodbye to the guy. Who said sex for money = pleasure? Who in this fucking world want to be used like a tissue? And to be doing something intimate with a stranger, just pure disgusting to the core please.

4) Please do NOT blame all the pros for the fact that your boyfriend/hubby/fiancee just want to have a quick snack outside. They are pratically using pros like macdonalds or KFC only. Again….. It might not be a good task serving your boyfriend/hubby/fiancee. Once again, please do not blame the fast food restaurant for being there if your man wants to eat out. Blame your man instead.

5) And lastly, even IF that particular pros is out to get your man, others is not. I repeat , IS NOT!!! Don’t think your man is so attractive to everybody like they are to you. Cox ultimately….what interests the pros, is just the money -period-

P.S: if you have such a stupid man who do not know how to treasure you, you are better off single. Wait for the right man, dun just take any jerk that will make you change yourself for him, do not make any changes for a man unless its for the better. If not, once again, you are just happier being single and yourself.

To guys: DON’T hurt your girlfriend/wife/fiancee for anyone on earth, treasure them, or you will lose a good girl. 😦